Since launching in August 2021, Lazy Lions has built a worldwide community of Kings, Queens, and Royals who share a common interest in conquering whatever the future holds, together. As we continue to grow our community, we're hunting for ways to encourage people to enter and thrive in Web3 without the sometimes challenging onboarding experience.

LAZY is an exclusive range of IRL collectibles, designed to push the Lazy Lions brand outside of Web3, to a wider audience.

Every item is assigned a proof of authenticity token (aka NFT). To simplify the experience, new owners will have the option to leave the tokens in their LAZY account, so they don’t have to worry about managing their own private keys. Alternatively, owners can choose to request to transfer to their own Ethereum address*. This removes the barrier for new members who may not yet be comfortable with the technology.

series one will be a limited range of apparel and accessories which will be released in three separate drops. 

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*Smart contract to be deployed following the series, pending community feedback. This isn't something to be rushed 😉